Kyong and Joseph Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

A few weeks after shooting Kyong’s engagement I headed to Los Angeles to cover her wedding. The hotel was really nice and offered great photo opportunities. From the room to the surroundings the architecture was breathtaking, a photographer’s dream! It was decided that the first look would happen at the hotel so I suggested the nice stairs you see in one of the pictures. It proved to be a great spot!

The venue for the ceremony was equally amazing. The ceremony took place during sunset which added beauty to the scene and allowed me to capture amazing photographs!!!

NVP_0682_PR NVP_0727_PR NVP_0816_PR NVP_0821_PR NVP_0842_PR NVP_0997_PR NVP_1072_PR NVP_1149_PR NVP_1499_PR NVP_1841_PR

You can see more of this wedding photos in my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

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