Kyong and Joseph Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

A few weeks after shooting Kyong’s engagement I headed to Los Angeles to cover her wedding. The hotel was really nice and offered great photo opportunities. From the room to the surroundings the architecture was breathtaking, a photographer’s dream! It was decided that the first look would happen at the hotel so I suggested the nice stairs you see in one of the pictures. It proved to be a great spot!

The venue for the ceremony was equally amazing. The ceremony took place during sunset which added beauty to the scene and allowed me to capture amazing photographs!!!

NVP_0682_PR NVP_0727_PR NVP_0816_PR NVP_0821_PR NVP_0842_PR NVP_0997_PR NVP_1072_PR NVP_1149_PR NVP_1499_PR NVP_1841_PR

You can see more of this wedding photos in my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

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Fashion Photo Shoot with Kaitlynn in Perris, CA

I met Kaitlynn thru Devon. We discovered that we both share a passion for photography so naturally we decided to setup a few photo shoots to experiment with lighting techniques. I asked for permission to shoot at the Orange Empire Railway Museum and was very excited once the permission was granted. The location offers amazing photography opportunities and was perfect for our first shoot. I was really happy with the results and shot here many many times! Enjoy!

NVP_6169_PR NVP_6196_PR NVP_6215_PR NVP_6232_PR NVP_6246_PR NVP_6253_PR NVP_6298_PR NVP_6310_PR

You can see the more from this shoot in my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

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Leah Honeyfield 1st Birthday Studio Session

I have been photographing Leah since she was a newborn. Jessica pitched me this idea she saw online and I thought it was really cool. The idea was basically to have her pose with her birthday cake and let her destroy it during the photo shoot. The funny thing is that she was a bit shy about it at the beginning. Like maybe thinking that it was too good to be truth. Luckily she decided to go for it and we created one of the best baby birthday photography ever! Oh and the cake was very delicious! Enjoy!

NVP_2337_PR NVP_2557_PR NVP_2486_PR NVP_2454_PR NVP_2398_PR NVP_2384_PR

You can see the photography gallery in my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

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Kyong and Joseph Engagement Session in Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA

I met Kyong at Carol’s wedding. We sat at the same table and she was a lot of fun! Over year later we both went to Camilla’s (Carol’s daughter’s) Doljanchi. She introduced me to Joseph and told me that when they get engaged she wanted me to take her pictures because she loved my work!!! I felt so honored and proud!

When I heard the news of their engagement I got really excited! We started planning the engagement session and decided that Los Angeles and Pasadena would be ideal!









You can see more of these engagement photos in my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

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Pazely and Anthony Wedding in Apple Valley, CA

I met Anthony thru work. We used to work together on the same branch. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever worked with. Pazely approached me via my facebook fan page. She gave me a really cool compliment. She told me that her and Anthony have been looking thru photographers pages and they keep coming back to mine. She told me they love my style and wanted to hire me as her wedding photographer. It was really cool and a pleasure to work on this wedding. Congratulations to Pazely and Anthony!











You can see more of this wedding photos in my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

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Honeyfield Family Studio Session

When Leah was about to turn 6 months old Jessica asked me to do her 6 months studio shoot and family pictures. It was a really exciting shoot. I just moved my studio to the Corona area, Eastvale, CA to be precise. I updated my studio lights and the extra space was really nice. I’ve been taking Leah’s portraiture since she was a new born and was really excited to take these baby photos. Enjoy!

You can see the photography gallery in my Facebook fanpage by clicking here.

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Fashion Photo Shoot with Natalie in Perris, CA

It is true when they say that you can find cool places to shoot on your own back yard. For the longest time I was looking for spots to shoot at and usually either ended up shooting in Riverside, Orange County or San Diego. I decided to do I little bit of research on my area (back when I used to live in Perris) and found this nice spot. It’s called the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA.

I decided to ask Natalie if she wanted to shoot at this spot. She loved the idea! Below are some samples of our shoot. Enjoy!

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Camilla Hanbok

I asked Camilla’s family if they would be interested in doing a small solo session of her with her beautiful hanbok. I felt that even tho we got a few cute pictures of her wearing it at her Dol it would be nice and fun to get some on a more relaxed and less crowded environment. They agreed and we met at a local park on a beautiful afternoon.

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Rosalie Baptism

A while ago I asked my coworker Rejeane to help me with a personal project. It was a photoshoot in Los Angeles. You can see that shoot here. So I was super thrilled when Rejeana hired me to cover her nieces’s (Rosalie) baptism event. Baptisms are one of my favorite types of children photography. It is a very important milestone’s in the life of catholic children. I was excited to be a part of it.

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